My Story

It was January of 1980; my mother had gone to the Doctor about a lump that had been growing in her breast. She had been afraid to go to the Doctor; but because it was growing, she decided that she had to go. I was in High School at the time; life had been simple but complicated. I enjoyed a rich childhood, delivered to me by a loving, sacrificial, nurturing Mother- and a Father who I knew loved my sisters and I, but was busy engaged in life.  By the time my mother had stepped into this season of sickness, they were divorced. 


I will never forget the afternoon that my oldest sister walked into the house, I was in my mother’s bedroom, and she said to me,  “Valli –the lump in Mommy’s breast is CANCER “.  It was as if time had stood still, I could not believe what she had just told me. The fear that overtook me was tangible, the only thing that cancer was associated with was DEATH, and this could not be happening to my hero, she was only 45years old. 



The Doctors immediately did a radical Mastectomy and radiation treatment.  When I looked at my mother’s wound, I could not believe how she had been BUTCHERED! (They have since discovered that radical mastectomies were no more effective than full breast or mastectomies). It was a complete assault against her womanhood.  They said that they had removed the tumor, and the lymph nodes under her arms. We actually need our lymph nodes in order to neutralize toxins that are picked up from tissue by lymphatic vessels. Toxins are carried to the lymph nodes to be neutralized, but that’s another story.


After a few months, she was given Chemotherapy. The CRAZY part of this whole treatment journey, was that none of the therapies were working. My mother continued to get weak, her body was reeling in pain, and after 2 years of barbaric treatment, at 47-she was DEAD!!




The face of my entire world changed. How was I going to wake up to this reality everyday? My mother was no longer here, and I would have to face womanhood and life without her guidance. I watched her die an agonizing death, and that just did not make sense to me. I never once heard any of her health providers’ talk about the connection that diet and lifestyle plays in DEGENERATIVE  DISEASES.  There are 2 reasons why dis-ease presents; it’s either TOXICITY or a DEFICIENCY; her health providers addressed neither one.


Watching my mother die helplessly at the hands of conventional medicine, I felt in my spirit that there were answers somewhere.  If there was a God in heaven, and if He was an intelligent God, then every answer to life’s challenges existed, but needed to be discovered.  My cousin had read some information about Natural Health, and was the only one bringing my mother fresh juice, but my mother needed a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul. We did not know anyone who was abreast of that kind of information at the time. There were more questions than answers, the mystery of it all continually mounted in the corridors of my mind. I felt like I was walking through this life with regard to what it took to recover health, in total darkness.




I was on my way home from a Church event, I was with my ex-husband and 2 kids, my daughter was five and my son was one. As we were driving home, I began to feel nauseated; when I arrived home I began to violently throw up. I threw up so much, until there was nothing left to throw up, except the bile coming from my liver, backing up into my stomach.


I went to the emergency room, and the Doctor gave me a drug to stop me from throwing up. He was addressing the symptom, not the cause. I stopped throwing up for sure, but I began to have a violent case of diarrhea. You see the way the body was created, when you ingest something that it detects to be foreign, it will reject it by force. I had diarrhea for 3 days, the entire weekend.  I called the Doctor on Monday because I had begun to see blood in my stool and I was very weak.  He had no answers for me. He just said that my GI tract was inflamed from the diarrhea, and it would pass. 


Let me digress and say that I believe that Doctors are excellent in emergency situations, but when it comes to chronic illnesses, and some acute illnesses, they practice what I call bandage therapy. They will try to bring you comfort by using a drug to bring symptom relief. It’s not their fault because they are trained in medical schools that are funded by the pharmaceutical companies to use drug therapy as the first line of defense in treating illness.  I have sat in lectures by wonderful medical Doctors who understand that the body has the innate ability to heal itself, when you give it the right building materials found in nature.


If you were shot or stabbed and you were bleeding internally, I would not recommend taking vitamin C and zinc that encourages wound healing. I would suggest that you get to a hospital as fast as you can. The life of the flesh is in the blood. Excessive loss of blood will lead to certain death..




My sister called me, and I told her that I had been sick all weekend. When I expressed to her her that it was my stomach, she told me that when her twin girls would have stomach aches,  she would give them comfrey tea. Needless to say, I immediately asked my ex-husband to go to the store to purchase it for me. As soon as he returned, I prepared it , and drank it. The strangest thing happened, within 30 minutes the diarrhea STOPPED, I couldn’t believe it. How could it be that an herbal tea settled my health issue? I knew now that I was on to something BIG!




Years had gone by, and I was now an Esthetician who had a love for the nutritional aspect of the discipline. I loved the fact that the skin was not just an organ that you cleansed, and put nice creams and makeup on, but it’s youth and preservation was directly connected to diet and lifestyle.  During my Esthetic discourse of study, one of the modules was on Nutrition.  I was so intrigued by this subject that I continued to read after I was done with the course.


I had my Esthetic practice that I was running out of my home, and a client came to me that had acne. The interesting thing was that acne was not a characteristic of her skin type. She was a dry skin type, and acne is associated with oily skin. I knew based on what I had read, that there was an internal trigger. It wasn’t the misusage of product, so it had to be something else.  Did I mention that she was a nurse practitioner?  LOL.  Her thinking was totally conventional; the treatment that she had been getting from her dermatologist was regular courses of antibiotics.  Needless to say that when I recommended dietary changes along with supplements, she looked at me as if I had four heads, but she complied.


The interesting thing was that I didn’t know if what I was telling her was going to work either, I had never translated what I knew in theory into practical application, so we both had to wait and see if my protocol of the correct skin care regimen, coupled with a nutrition plan would work. The strangest thing happened, her acne condition CLEARED UP!  Now I knew I was on to something HUGE!  She was so grateful, she recommended other clients to me. We both discovered that there was a more EXCELLENT way to build health, and correct imbalances.




I knew that I was seriously onto something. The question began to resonate in my mind, “ If eating clean and taking supplements worked to correct a skin condition, surely it would work to correct other forms of DIS-EASE.  I began to look into becoming a nutritionist, but when I thought about the fact that a conventional nutritionist would recommend a sugar substitute to help with a sugar imbalance, and that studies indicate that sugar substitutes are known carcinogens (cancer causing) I said I think I would prefer to be a holistic practitioner.


By this time I had become an Esthetic State Board Examiner for the State of New York, and I was teaching the 600 hr. Esthetics course in the heart of New York City. I had a Doctor of Chinese medicine come to the school to get her Esthetics license. During her tenure as a student, we talked about the efficacy of natural therapies, and I knew that they worked. I was explaining to her that I wanted to study Nutrition, but I was not happy with the conventional approach. By this time I knew that processed foods were contributing to a cultural health decline, and I did not want to be a part of promoting that.  Her response to me was “ You should become a Naturopathic Doctor”.  I said a what?  I had never heard of a Naturopathic Dr.  I did the research and within two weeks I was enrolled in school to become a Traditional Naturopath. 


I graduated in 2007 and became board certified in 2015 as a B.C.N.D.  Through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board. I also graduated in 2005 as a CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional). I am currently enrolled in school to become a Master Herbalist and a Clinical Aromatherapist. I consider myself a Holistic health coach, a researcher and continual student of Natural health.  Life is a classroom, and the beauty of that is that if you see life as a classroom; there is always something new to learn.


I now have over 18 years of experience in the field of Natural Health and Beauty, and it has become my mission to spread the gospel of Health.  In 2011 CNB (Cleanse Nourish Beautify) by Vmaltine was born. After 13 years of studying and using Natural protocols to generate the healing of skin, and health Imbalances. I realized that in order to reverse any imbalance caused by poor diet and lifestyle, one has to DETOX from everything that they have been doing wrong in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT.  You are what you EAT, THINK AND FEEL.


My main focus starts with GUT HEALTH, if the GUT is not functioning properly, you will not be able to BUILD HEALTH.  After you normalize digestion assimilation and elimination, through DETOXIFICATION and the re-balancing of GUT BACTERIA, we move on to the implementation of the basic tenets of health.




For you stopping at this site is not by accident, I believe it is divine. Please peruse the site for vital information that will help you to BUILD HEALTH. LET CNB HELP YOU TO: DETOX YOUR BODY, BUILD HEALTH AND TRANSFORM YOU LIFE!!



Yours’ In Health


Valli Manley B.C.N.D, CNHP

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